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Acupuncture in a Bottle!
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Let food be your medicine. ~ Socrates

Stop aches, spasms, cramps and pain

Family Business Story
Our family has been sharing our miracle Traditions of Tao Tonic Oil for over 20 years. My mom, sisters and I joined Tradition’s of Tao, a Network Marketing Company founded by the Ni brothers, Drs. Dao and Mao Shing Ni in 1989. We formed a family business had fun going to the weekly free lectures that Dr. Maoshing Ni gave every week at the new Yo San University facility which started with one student! We shared the knowledge we learned about the Superior Food-grade herbs and food therapy stories at health fairs and the Black Business Expo every year staring in 1990. We became members the Traditions of Tao first President Club. It was a wonderful and exciting time. Our last event was in 1995 after I was accepted into Yo San University Traditional Chinese Medical School Masters Program.

Traditions of Tao Tonic Oil is an herbal essence broad-spectrum food grade formula, which opens channels and collaterals to increase circulation of Qi/Chi (vital life force), energy and blood. We use the Tonic Oil in our Food Therapy Program. Traditions of Tao Tonic Oil is a food and this is what makes it is safe for babies, children and for oral use. By 1995 most of the Yo San students were not aware of Traditions of Tao or the many benefits for the Tonic Oil use. I volunteered to give free lectures at Yo San to share what I learned from Dr. Mao and educate anyone interested on the benefits of Tonic Oil.  I named it Acupuncture in a Bottle after using it in the clinic.

I discovered many more uses for the superior food grade Tonic Oil during my clinic internship at Yo San University. Some patients would feel relief from pain after I massaged the Tonic Oil on the painful areas, before I inserted any needles. Hence, I began calling it Acupuncture in a Bottle. The Traditions of Tao Tonic Oil is different from all other oils used for pain, as it is formulated with "superior food-grade herbs", making is safe for babies and oral use.

HOW IT WORKS: Our Traditions of Tao Tonic Oil “reads” the symptoms and cools when there is internal heat and warms when there is internal cold. It is great for internal burning from Chemotherapy as well, I learned this from my youngest sister who had chemotherapy for breast cancer. With the superior food-grade herbs, an alkaline diet, juicing green leafy vegetables and another whole food XANGO brand mangosteen juice puree my sister recovered under my care in 2004 without radiation. Many of my clinic patients and later my own clients, including my sister added Traditions of Tao Tonic Oil to tea or put it on their tongue to relieve the internal burning sensation. It is very good for all burns and sprained ankles preventing blistering and swelling, if used immediately after the burn or injury. 

SPORTS MEDICINE: My son Shaheed Abdullah focused on sports medicine at Yo San and we both used it on family members with basketball, football, baseball, tennis, golf and a host of other sport injuries. Many patients told us of their pain relief and how made massage and acupuncture treatment a great experience. For severe pain or injury we used the WOODLOCK Oil.

TONIC BENEFITS: Increases oxygen in the blood; provides fast, temporary relief of cramping and spasms, body aches, headaches and joint pain even in damp weather. Tonic oil provides relief for aching muscles and feet; earaches, stomach ache, bruises, congestion, sinus, sunburn, abrasions, boils, abscess and pimples.  Temporary relief for toothache gums, bleeding gums and burning tongue. Additional uses include stimulate scalp for hair growth. Use the Traditions of Tao Tonic Oil for just about everything. Caution for Eye Therapy will advise upon request.

Food Therapy for Everyone!
Safe for baby: Baby oil safe for teething gums and earaches; cold or flu massage chest, back of neck, spine and put in nose. Place a drop in Ancient Treasure tea and put into a bottle. Babies love it. Mild for children: Calms trauma, bruises, scrapes and scratches. Strong for adults: See above. Safe for pet too! Massage cat or dog aching joints and spine.
Got severe aches or pain?
Try our strong medicinal grade oil used in martial arts for pain. (Not for children)
External Use Only  (1.7 oz) - $16.95

      Wood Lock Oil
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